Interabang Entertainment
Based in San Diego, California

Release date:
Q4 2018

PC / Mac / Playstation 4 / Xbox One


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Jump into the shoes of Lunch Box and Mr. Snoogans! The team at Interabang Entertainment is developing Jay and Silent Bob video game, called Jay and Silent Bob: Chronic Blunt Punch! Longtime fans of Kevin Smith's Askew-niverse, the Interabang team is creating a game that captures the satire and irreverence of the movies and brings back the tone of the gone-before-its-time Clerks cartoon series.


“Kevin Smith’s films have long inspired our team,” said Interabang founder Justin Woodward. “During development for our first game, we’d take breaks to watch them back to back. The iconic characters, hilarious dialogue, and sheer surrealism of the Askew-niverse got us through rough patches during development and life's struggles. We kept coming back to thinking about how amazing it would be to see Jay and Silent Bob in a game like the ones we design, and we’re amazed that we have this opportunity now.”


  • Tag Team single player and co-op combat where players swap between Jay and Silent Bob on the fly during the action to pull off devastating combos.
  • Custom physics based combos.
  • Special attack assists from notable characters in the Jay and Silent Bob Universe.
  • Voiceovers from Kevin Smith, Jason Mewes and others from the cast of the View Askew Universe.
  • Insult based combo system where players get into explosive verbal altercations with enemies.
  • Enemy combo ricochet system.
  • Special tag team moves.
  • 10 levels of gameplay with hidden side quests that unlock the story.


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We cook up entertaining games that feed the hunger for original gameplay. Our humorous concoctions are appetizing challenges that satisfy starving eyebuds, the desire for fantastic art and scrumptious animations. We are compelled to get players hands on our games fresh off the smorgasbord. We contribute by offering distinguished flavors that challenge audiences and build our development chefs to become the part of the changing industry.

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Super Comboman Credits

Justin Woodward
Creative Domepiece

Zheng-Tu Zheng
Lead Programmer

Felipe Rodo
Level Designer

Evan Washington

Michelle Cruz
Lead Environment Artist

Matthew White

James Averett
Lead Animator

Red Vonix
Programmer. Platform Engineer

Trevor Fehrman
Designer, Writer

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