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August 22, 2017

PlayStation 4 / Xbox One / PC


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Super Comboman is a modern platforming/fighting game in a gorgeous 2D hand drawn sticker world! Super Comboman takes skill and patience in order to figure out how to survive swarms of enemy workers. Bust mad combos across 16 action-packed levels as Struggles, the comic book nerd with a sick arsenal of flashy moves who is obsessed with his favorite super hero, SUPER COMBOMAN. Action fans, fighting fans, and air combo fans...this one’s for you.


The Super Comboman Team originally constisted of four friends who were accepted in the Gamespy/ IGN Indie Open house. The team of college buddies packed thier bags and moved up to San Franciso in order to finish their game. Originally working with Adult Swim Games the first release was in 2014. After the first release and listening to feedback from the community, Interabang teamed up with Flashman Games to release, Super Comboman: Smash Edition. Smash edition is a rebalanced game, with art and gameplay improvements which will be released on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and re-released on PC through Steam. The game was developed for the love of twitch combat and fighting games that require skill and persistence to conquer. The team eventually teamed up with Adult Swim Games to fininalize the game and release it on Steam and have just released a major update after listening to the community.


  • Fatty Mullet Nuggets.
  • Custom physics based combos.
  • Upgradable traditional fighting game moves.
  • Upgradable perks that are earned during combo strings.
  • 16 levels to master.
  • Trainig room to hone your combo skills.
  • Create combos throughout entire stages.
  • Hidden collectible stickers.
  • Soundtrack and artbook included.
  • Talking fanny pack.


Super Comboman Trailer YouTube




Selected Articles

  • ""An amazingly colorful beat-em-up title with love-able characters and lightning fast fighting game inspired combat, Super Comboman takes place in a destructible sticker world where players take on the role of Struggles. In need of $10,000 to pay his mortgage Struggles takes on a construction and madness ensues!.""
    - Anthony Rodriguez, Structured Gaming
  • ""There's a satisfying feeling once you best a room full of pickaxe-throwing construction workers, because the game doesn't take it easy on you." "
    - Anthony Swinnich, Indiegames
  • "5. “Combos were the most satisfying part of the game though, as they don’t exactly work like your standard fighting game, where combos come down to how many hits you can land before the enemy has time to regroup, but rather how many hits you can land at all before the combo meter runs out, so you can imagine watching those numbers stack felt very rewarding.”"
    - Andres Ruiz, Twinfinite

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Original Soundtrack
Available for free from somemusicsite.com.

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Super Comboman: Smash Edition Credits

Justin Woodward
Creative Domepiece

Zheng-Tu Zheng

Felipe Rodó

Evan Washington

Joseph Bustos

Mathieu Gilbert

Lary Yu
Environment Artist, Illustrator

Destinee Cleveland

Javier Ulloa

Travis Carver

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