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JASB Halloween Update


Hey Peeps,

It has been grindstone city over here in Jay and Silent Bob: Chronic Blunt Punch Land.

In the last update we went over the new concepts for our revive and tag team situations. We are still working on those animations, the implementation, gameplay balance as well as the impact, which are all coming along nicely. Along with those features we are working on enemies, enemies and more enemies. We are focusing on how they look, how they feel, how they fight and how they get punched right in their lumpy little face pieces. Below are a couple enemies that show the grotesque and silly style that we are working on nailing as we move forward.

Maurice Muscleberg: Security Guard King

We shared Maurice in the initial JASB:CBP concept during our Fig campaign. He is a big boss in the game and is nearly complete. Below is the first image we shared along with some of his basic animations. Check out how he shows off his fatty pecks with his Buff Boy Body Flex maneuver and his gorgeous gait with his Wide Boy Waddle Walk. More info on M&M to come!

Buff Boy Body Flex

Wide Boy Waddle Walk

Hockey Hooligans

We are working on some memorable characters or shall we say, spiritual successors to characters you may have seen in Dogma. These dudes will shove a triple deke in your face if you try to stand between them and the ball.

We have a lot more where these guys came from but don’t want to show too much yet.

Convo Combat Update

We have been putting together the Convo Combat and thanks to the team and our new team member Brian Cronin things are being implemented nicely as we iterate on the design! The image below is one of our first alpha tests. This is a rough representation of how it will flow with limited animation depicting the emotional response as well as a retort from Mr. Muscleberg himself.

Environment Design Update

As we work on incorporating our story, we are putting together the final concepts for Jay and Bob’s inner sanctum, the infamous Quickstop. A few surprises will pop up in this area of the game as we add our own spin to the joint. We will share more when we go over our gamplay overview.

Jay and Silent Bob: Tag and Revive Update

The Updates! (Directly from our Fig Update)

I realize that everyone is anxious for Chronic Blunt Punch updates and we don’t blame you. We want to give you something you can feel like En Vogue each month. Thanks for your patience.

While we are working on the playable stuff we will be sharing fun thangs related to animation and art as well as taking that ass to school by adding a bit of gameplay 101 to the situation. Please give us feedback on things you would like to see in future updates through our Fig page and social media!

Dynamic Duo Tag Animations

We are working on creative ways for Jay and Bob to tag each other in and out quickly without stopping the action. Although this is already working in game we are adding animations so there is more visual feedback for each tag.


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Chronic Blunt Punch – Tag Team Action

Happy 420 Week!!

We have been focusing on more gameplay things since we last posted an update.

2 Player Support and Tag Team Action!

A main mechanic of the game are the tag team actions. Similar to Donkey Kong Country you can switch between characters with the push of a button. While playing a single player game the player starts off controlling the lead character who is in the front with the supporting character following the lead. When the player presses the tag button the support character rolls forward and the lead character hops back, changing the combat dynamic.

Jay and his hetero life companion Silent Bob share a single life bar. When one character dies the other player must revive the other character before moving on through mouth to mouth resuscitation. If both Jay and Bob die, the player has to start from the beginning of the area or at a checkpoint.

Image result for donkey kong country tag gif

Jay and Silent Bob each have their advantages and weaknesses and it is up to the player to swap back and forth between the two to maximize damage, speed, combos and adjust for defense actions.

1. When the player tags the first player dashes forward to take the lead position.

2. Simultaneously the previous lead character dashes back in order to play second fiddle to the new lead position.

 Multiplayer Support

2 player support was just added into the game which allows for some interesting action when teaming up to on enemies in each area and figuring out which moves will compliment each other. Since Jay and Silent Bob will always be together as the game progresses we want players to hop in and out of the game at will. The pacing will be different than swapping in one player mode, but equally as fun.

2 Players Controlling 4 Characters!

We are also thinking of another mode where 2 players can control a set of their own characters independently. This would work similar to the one player mode where each player would control 2 characters and swap them back and forth to take advantage of each player’s abilities. We are prototyping this idea and will share the results soon!

Level Design

Park Sandbox Arena

More updates coming soon!

Jay and Silent Bob: Chronic Blunt Punch March Update

Hello beautiful Chronic Blunt Punch supporters!

We have been still cranking on the combat, with the goal of having a playable alpha before E3. At that point, we will be able to share gameplay footage, fun TESTgifs and have a fun sandbox playable shortly afterward.

Environment Art Update:

We have an extensive amount of background elements still being illustrated. We are getting into the look and feel of how the game will be lit and set the tone for each area.

Park Entrance Concept Iterations



 Park Playground Concept Iterations



World Building with our Friend David Hellman

Coming up with creative ideas on how we move forward with environment design is critical and to do this, we often talk to our fellow game developer friends, kicking around ideas and pushing forward on design. Since we are super blessed with the opportunity to work in the Double Fine Productions studio, we have amazing creative minds in our midst that we can tap into. One of those awesome people is a friend David Hellman who is an amazing artist, animator and all around person. You may know him from his crowdfunded graphic novel Second Quest or the super unheard of indie game, Braid. We are working with him on some world building ideas to capture the surreal and absurd universe that we are putting together.  Below is an example of some storyboarded ideas.

sketch duck head eyes 1.jpeg

Background characters

While working on the background environments, it is important that we have background characters that can match the idea and themes of the level. Below, we have the incredible Douche bro; Mike Manfriend, the inexplicably Happy Brotha Jermaine Jibbles and impatient commuter Sally Smothers. We love us some alliteration.

Combat Breakdown Stuff

The areas of combat that we feel are important to consider are; Impact, Flow, and Control. There are other factors but in this update that is what we will focus on. These areas are comprised of animations audio and control feedback. We are adjusting the timing of the animations, screen shake and hit recovery/hit stun to add to the feel of fighting as well as the working on the mechanics when it comes to the enemy AI.


Animation tuning comes down to increasing or dropping frames from each animation and speeding up or slowing down the timing of particular frames to add states of vulnerability and anticipation to give each attack weight. When working on enemy attacks, anticipation and telegraphing are imperative because enemies need to be challenging, yet not cheap. Each enemy should have a pattern and even if they have a huge attack that takes a lot of damage, we want the player to be able to learn their animations, anticipate their attack and be able to have the skill to dodge the attack or counter in a meaningful way.
When playing a good action game, the “feel” of the combat is the driving force for the game enjoyable. Although players may not be able to express what makes the game feel tight and responsive, it is the developer’s responsibility to deliver the controls and impact that garner a positive response from the player.
Often when games have less than stellar combat, the player still can not express themselves on why but they just stop playing and have negative things to say about the game. We have run into issues in the past while making other games, where we had to take an in-depth look at why things needed to adjustment after letting the audience playtest the game.
Below are examples of games that have simple AI combat and gifs to accompany them.
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Arcade Game – Rocksteady’s boot to the chest.


Xmen: Arcade Game -Pyro’s Flame to the dome.
Avengers – Whirlwind anticipation and then human tornado maneuver.Interestingly enough games that aren’t even focused on combat as a core mechanic understand the importance of timing and impact when it comes to the limited combat in their game. For instance, Super Mario Galaxy is a platformer, with action elements. When you jump and do a butt stomp, the Mario booty bust has hang time, the hit stun and pause after hitting the enemy, the enemy flattening and then exploding into a puff along with the coin nugget that pops out. These were all design decisions taken into account to make every booty bump smash feel juicy and have weight.Super Mario Galaxy: Booty Stomp!

Layering Combat Design

1. We make construction based concepts of the attack that we are going to have the character perform. By construction I am talking about a wireframe of the character without detail, blocking out the idea in shapes.
2. We create keyframes of the most extreme poses in an attack.
3. We play around with the timing so the animation feels right.
4. Keyframes go in the game.
5. We add particle effects, camera shake and adjust the timing.
6. We add an enemy in the game to prototype the move and adjust until if feels extra tasty. Environment Art and Level Design Michelle has put together another set of images in animated gif form that demonstrates the progression of background art in the game. We have more to come and will have a video update soon!
Antegods on Fig
Our friends at Codeglue are running Antegods campaign as well and are at 40% there.  If you are a fan of frantic shooters like Bangai-0 with destructible environments mixed with mechs and multiplayer couch co-op, check it out and support their campaign. you have any questions or comments, or just want to communicate with us,  feel free to hit us up on Twitter @interabangent or Facebook @interabangent.Thanks,


December Update *Iteration*

Hey Everyone,

Happy holidays! Here is a quick update to let you know what we have been up to with Chronic Blunt Pizunch!  While building out our combat systems, we have been focusing on enemy design and animation as well as story and level progression. The title of this update is called iteration.

Update Vid

Since we are in the prototype building phase, we have been testing out enemy AI and level progression. There is a lot of testing and iteration that comes into play when we are laying out levels and determining the flow of enemies, the placement of buildings and interactive objects.  Some of the concepts and iteration are broken down below.


We have experience developing combat from our previous games and are inspired by classic and new school beat em up mechanics alike. We are looking to simplify combat in Chronic Blunt Punch with a fresh approach. Some of our favorite action brawlers such as the Devil May Cry 1-25 and Bayonetta come to mind during brainstorming sessions. We want combos to flow freely and allow the player to improvise tag team attacks with heavy attack finishers.

Here is a quick diagram of how we organize combat during development:

 More world building stuff! YAY!

While designing the combat system and characters/character animation we have been working on level design and progression.  Below is another glimpse into the progress of an area in the first level we are building out.

Jersey Streets!


We have many of the levels built out in diagrams and workflow. As far as progression and style we are finishing up the paint overs and going into how the player will traverse the world and encounter enemies. In these early stages, there are still backend ideas we are developing while we tweak combat, animations, and story, which are fundamental to the game. Once we decide which areas are the most complete we will jump into further production and iteration of each zone. We want to make sure that the environments play a role in the characterization and atmosphere adding nuance to the storyline.

Level Progression Development Diagram

 Level Progression Visual Mockup

Mapping out and testing ideas is the best way to figure out what works and what doesn’t. Ideas come a dime a dozen, but only the tested ideas make it to the end. Your cousin Ray Ray may think he has a good idea about what might be cool in a video game but often what may seem cool in someone’s mind or on paper ends up being boring as hell when you pick up your Atari joystick. We must, iterate, iterate,  iterate, baby!

 Character Design and Animation

*SPOILERS* Below are examples of the Hipster character that we will introduce in the first level. We created a hyperbole of how an annoying, Kale munching, 80 gauge bowl earring wearing hipster with a man bun might look and fight. In this case, we gave this dude a self-aware, combat ready, neck beard. Note: These images are keyframes and do not reflect the final in-game animations.

 Manbun Hipster


 Neckbeard Attack


Since we are talking about animation, we thought it would be cool to share an almost complete animation of Jay getting his socks blown back. With this animation, we wanted to add some silliness and exaggeration to the poses as well as his overall look and feel.

Jay Death Animation


If you have any direct questions for us, hit us up on Twitter @interabangent or Facebook also @interabangent. We do our best to keep communication flowing quickly and efficiently. Our website should be up shortly, and we will be opening up a forum for our backers.

Happy Holidays!


More to come soon! Thanks again for your support.

New Years Update!

Super Comboman Port Update

Hey all you combo fanatics! Hope you have been enjoying the holidays! While we most certainly have been, we are still feverishly grinding on making updates to the console port/pc update of Super Comboman. Today we thought we’d give you a quick peak at some of the changes that we’ve made to one of the more tougher enemies in the game!

Reintroducing GG!!

Remember this tough sonuvabisquit?!?! Well in this new update we took the time to reanimate some of his attacks and make him a bit harder to fight! Even through in a new animation or two! Check it out below (click to view animations)

New Taunt animation:


Revised Groundpound Attack:



And last but not least check out the small adjustments to his SockedUP Attack:

Old Version:



Slightly Revised version:



And that’s gonna do it for this update! Stay tuned to the next update as we show off some of the level changes!

More to come.

Holler at us! Blammo!

The Yerba Mate Factor

If you don’t know me by now my name is ICJ or Justin Woodward for long . I am an entrepreneur who started  our game company a few years back with the mission of building my team and business while creating opportunities that benefit my industry along the way. We have been through ups and downs, using different techniques for game development,  participated in a company incubator and relocated to different offices a few times. There  has never been a sense of certainty while forging a start up.
During our journey my health and quality of life has taken a few hits. We have worked on staying healthy which is a challenge when you work ridankulous hours and often don’t see the light at the end of the tunnel.

2014-03-30 14.43.54

While experimenting with different ways to stay fresh and energized during double digit hour work days I would indulge in the usual coffee, energy drinks and do my best to exercise regularly. One day a friend who was working in the same incubator space brought me a tall can of this new elixir that I never heard of called Yerba Mate. I didn’t know what it was but remember always seeing him gallivanting around the office sipping hot brewed mate out of a Gourd  with a metallic straw looking device (Bombilla). In my ignorance I would tease him about drinking out of his “coconut”. I did not know the significance until I took a sip from the can he delivered. After a few minutes I felt clarity and an uplifting sense of focus. It was as if momentum washed over my brain and I just started getting things done. It was an intense yet satisfying feeling. After that day I began purchasing  Guayaki on a daily basis and my friend and I would take turns buying cases.  I was done with energy drinks that made me feel like garbo(garbage) soon afterwards.

When I started to drink mate I didn’t realize that Guayaki had a larger mission than just supplying an organic refreshment to the masses.  Their mission was in plain site slapped on the can.  After reading and further research, I found out that they were actually saving the forests where the organic Yerba Mate was harvested. Each sale went into the restoration of the South American Atlantic rain forests as well as create jobs for the local people with an interesting business model that they call Market-Driven-Restoration. Once I found out about this I became more of an advocate.

2014-01-21 11.05.02

Living the life of an independent game developer for the past 5 years and having worked with and talked to a variety of game developers I began to realize that we need to take more care of our bodies through sleep, eating healthy

2014-01-21 11.05.37

and finding healthy sources of energy. I believe that the future of the tech industry and game development will be conscientious of what we are putting into our body and start sharing knowledge about health while grinding on our dreams, this will help with productivity as well as making the process enjoyable. Guayaki is one of those companies that will become integrated within the culture and bring on some of this positive change.

Happy New Years!

2013 has been an exciting and busy year for Interabang.  We hope that everyone has a safe and happy new year.

Super Comboman

Our primary focus this year has been Super Comboman. Our team has been working around the clock on everything from art design, levels, gameplay mechanics, abilities, perks, cinematic cut scenes and in game combo store where you can purchase items via in game currency.

We were able to show off some of our progress off at a number of events including PAX East, PAX Prime, The Mix LA,  and The Mix San Francisco IGN. Super Comboman was featured on the Twitch main stage at PAX Prime and Justin aka “ICJ” was interviewed with Jonathan Holmes on Sup Homes via Finally,we partnered with Adult Swim Games for publishing and announced that we will be releasing on Steam. All in all, we are heading in the right direction.

Interabang/Mugen booth! Twitch2

The Mix


We hosted The Mix in San Fransicso and in LA, teaming up with Spencer and Trish Yip from Siliconera fame and his studio YummyYummyTummy and John Polson. During the event the press demoed indie games and spoke with their developers prior to release. Over 30 developers from all over the world participated in The MIX.  The roster included award winning and experimental games that were later released and featured on Steam, XBLA, PSN, iOS and other platforms.

DSC_1669 DSC_1682


 freekeyfridayLogo05 copy

Freeekeyfridays was started 20 weeks ago as a platform for indie developers to give away copies of their game to lucky winners via raffle and twitter contest. We  have since partnered with and Desura Games. Freekeyfridays has featured over 40 Indie developers and titles and we have given away sets of keys to over 100 people. To join in the fun follow @Freekeyfridays.

2014 Super Comboman and beyond:

Super Comboman will be released early 2014, we will continue to make adjustments as necessary and show off the game any chance we get. What is after Super Comboman? Besides a break?!  Our team is talented and eager to whip something else up, stay tuned to find out!

We will host The Mix  in San Francisco again with the help of our fellow devs the week of GDC. Will continue to develop Freekeyfridays  with any more  wacky ideas we think  in order to help support our indie friends and the indie culture.

We hope that 2013 has treated you with justice and kindness. Looking forward  2014 and beyond…

THE MIX Media Indie Exchange



Since being involved with the IGN/Gamespy Indie Open House, we have been working with indies and creating ways to advance the culture. At this year’s GDC we teamed up with Todd Northcutt from IGN and indie evangelist, John Polson to put together an event called THE MIX which stands for Media Indie Exchange.

The event consisted of 30 indies from all over the world that ranged in talent and were producing games in a variety of genres. Curated games were close to completion or under wraps. Individuals from the press were invited to play refreshing, high quality games exclusive to the event.

The press had new games to play and report on if they wished and Developers had chance to share their projects and mingle with press without too many distractions. Another perk was that devs could talk shop among their peers and create new allies.


With this year’s first GDC Next popping up in SoCal we created the opportunity to throw another MIX showcase. Thanks to Spencer Yip from Siliconera and his wonderful wife Trish who run a start-up mobile game studio called yummyyummytummy we nabbed a dope spot. This time instead of being in SF the setting was beautiful downtown Los Angeles on the roof of the live work lofts at Tenten 1010 Wilshire.

We had around 25 devs including Interabang Entertainment, sponsors, food, dranks and press. It was a great time, location and we got a chance to meet with some new devs and press. It took a lot of work to put together but was worth the effort.

Devs that showed up at MIX LA included:

Doublefine with Broken Age
Magical Time Bean with Escape Goat 2
Lab Zero with Skullgirls
Heart Machine Games with Hyper Light Drifter

More details about the event:

We will putting together another event for GDC in March and will have in depth postmortem with details about our mistakes, successes and planning events like this in the near future.


Meet Biscuit?!


Week 1 Character Reveal: Biscuit

Fan Art contest. Post your art interpretations of Biscuit, next Monday we will pick a winner and you could win a cool Super Comboman Poster.


Check out our facebook page for more info!