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JASB Halloween Update

  Hey Peeps, It has been grindstone city over here in Jay and Silent Bob: Chronic Blunt Punch Land. In the last update we went over the new concepts for our revive and tag team situations. We are still working on those animations, the implementation, gameplay balance as well as the impact, which are all [...]

Jay and Silent Bob: Tag and Revive Update

The Updates! (Directly from our Fig Update) I realize that everyone is anxious for Chronic Blunt Punch updates and we don’t blame you. We want to give you something you can feel like En Vogue each month. Thanks for your patience. While we are working on the playable stuff we will be sharing fun thangs [...]

Chronic Blunt Punch – Tag Team Action

Happy 420 Week!! We have been focusing on more gameplay things since we last posted an update. 2 Player Support and Tag Team Action! A main mechanic of the game are the tag team actions. Similar to Donkey Kong Country you can switch between characters with the push of a button. While playing a single [...]

Jay and Silent Bob: Chronic Blunt Punch March Update

Hello beautiful Chronic Blunt Punch supporters! We have been still cranking on the combat, with the goal of having a playable alpha before E3. At that point, we will be able to share gameplay footage, fun TESTgifs and have a fun sandbox playable shortly afterward. Environment Art Update: We have an extensive amount of background elements still being [...]

December Update *Iteration*

Hey Everyone, Happy holidays! Here is a quick update to let you know what we have been up to with Chronic Blunt Pizunch!  While building out our combat systems, we have been focusing on enemy design and animation as well as story and level progression. The title of this update is called iteration. Update Vid Since we [...]

New Years Update!

Super Comboman Port Update Hey all you combo fanatics! Hope you have been enjoying the holidays! While we most certainly have been, we are still feverishly grinding on making updates to the console port/pc update of Super Comboman. Today we thought we’d give you a quick peak at some of the changes that we’ve made [...]

The Yerba Mate Factor

If you don’t know me by now my name is ICJ or Justin Woodward for long . I am an entrepreneur who started  our game company a few years back with the mission of building my team and business while creating opportunities that benefit my industry along the way. We have been through ups and [...]

Happy New Years!

2013 has been an exciting and busy year for Interabang.  We hope that everyone has a safe and happy new year. Super Comboman Our primary focus this year has been Super Comboman. Our team has been working around the clock on everything from art design, levels, gameplay mechanics, abilities, perks, cinematic cut scenes and in [...]

THE MIX Media Indie Exchange

The MIX SF Since being involved with the IGN/Gamespy Indie Open House, we have been working with indies and creating ways to advance the culture. At this year’s GDC we teamed up with Todd Northcutt from IGN and indie evangelist, John Polson to put together an event called THE MIX which stands for Media Indie [...]

  Week 1 Character Reveal: Biscuit Fan Art contest. Post your art interpretations of Biscuit, next Monday we will pick a winner and you could win a cool Super Comboman Poster.   Check out our facebook page for more info!   Tweet This Post