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New Years Update!

Super Comboman Port Update

Hey all you combo fanatics! Hope you have been enjoying the holidays! While we most certainly have been, we are still feverishly grinding on making updates to the console port/pc update of Super Comboman. Today we thought we’d give you a quick peak at some of the changes that we’ve made to one of the more tougher enemies in the game!

Reintroducing GG!!

Remember this tough sonuvabisquit?!?! Well in this new update we took the time to reanimate some of his attacks and make him a bit harder to fight! Even through in a new animation or two! Check it out below (click to view animations)

New Taunt animation:


Revised Groundpound Attack:



And last but not least check out the small adjustments to his SockedUP Attack:

Old Version:



Slightly Revised version:



And that’s gonna do it for this update! Stay tuned to the next update as we show off some of the level changes!

More to come.

Holler at us! Blammo!

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