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December Update *Iteration*

Hey Everyone,

Happy holidays! Here is a quick update to let you know what we have been up to with Chronic Blunt Pizunch!  While building out our combat systems, we have been focusing on enemy design and animation as well as story and level progression. The title of this update is called iteration.

Update Vid

Since we are in the prototype building phase, we have been testing out enemy AI and level progression. There is a lot of testing and iteration that comes into play when we are laying out levels and determining the flow of enemies, the placement of buildings and interactive objects.  Some of the concepts and iteration are broken down below.


We have experience developing combat from our previous games and are inspired by classic and new school beat em up mechanics alike. We are looking to simplify combat in Chronic Blunt Punch with a fresh approach. Some of our favorite action brawlers such as the Devil May Cry 1-25 and Bayonetta come to mind during brainstorming sessions. We want combos to flow freely and allow the player to improvise tag team attacks with heavy attack finishers.

Here is a quick diagram of how we organize combat during development:

 More world building stuff! YAY!

While designing the combat system and characters/character animation we have been working on level design and progression.  Below is another glimpse into the progress of an area in the first level we are building out.

Jersey Streets!


We have many of the levels built out in diagrams and workflow. As far as progression and style we are finishing up the paint overs and going into how the player will traverse the world and encounter enemies. In these early stages, there are still backend ideas we are developing while we tweak combat, animations, and story, which are fundamental to the game. Once we decide which areas are the most complete we will jump into further production and iteration of each zone. We want to make sure that the environments play a role in the characterization and atmosphere adding nuance to the storyline.

Level Progression Development Diagram

 Level Progression Visual Mockup

Mapping out and testing ideas is the best way to figure out what works and what doesn’t. Ideas come a dime a dozen, but only the tested ideas make it to the end. Your cousin Ray Ray may think he has a good idea about what might be cool in a video game but often what may seem cool in someone’s mind or on paper ends up being boring as hell when you pick up your Atari joystick. We must, iterate, iterate,  iterate, baby!

 Character Design and Animation

*SPOILERS* Below are examples of the Hipster character that we will introduce in the first level. We created a hyperbole of how an annoying, Kale munching, 80 gauge bowl earring wearing hipster with a man bun might look and fight. In this case, we gave this dude a self-aware, combat ready, neck beard. Note: These images are keyframes and do not reflect the final in-game animations.

 Manbun Hipster


 Neckbeard Attack


Since we are talking about animation, we thought it would be cool to share an almost complete animation of Jay getting his socks blown back. With this animation, we wanted to add some silliness and exaggeration to the poses as well as his overall look and feel.

Jay Death Animation


If you have any direct questions for us, hit us up on Twitter @interabangent or Facebook also @interabangent. We do our best to keep communication flowing quickly and efficiently. Our website should be up shortly, and we will be opening up a forum for our backers.

Happy Holidays!


More to come soon! Thanks again for your support.

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