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Jay and Silent Bob: Tag and Revive Update

The Updates! (Directly from our Fig Update)

I realize that everyone is anxious for Chronic Blunt Punch updates and we don’t blame you. We want to give you something you can feel like En Vogue each month. Thanks for your patience.

While we are working on the playable stuff we will be sharing fun thangs related to animation and art as well as taking that ass to school by adding a bit of gameplay 101 to the situation. Please give us feedback on things you would like to see in future updates through our Fig page and social media!

Dynamic Duo Tag Animations

We are working on creative ways for Jay and Bob to tag each other in and out quickly without stopping the action. Although this is already working in game we are adding animations so there is more visual feedback for each tag.


Dynamic Duo Quick Revive

When your active character loses their life force they will collapse, rendering them unplayable. Even though it may seem bleak, you don’t have to sweat it because your hetero-life-mate can get you back into the game by standing over you and tapping the tag button. This then activates a Mash Time Event that allows the active character to quick revive their fallen homie. Each character will have unique and humorous revival animations specific to their personality. Check out the story boarded ideas below. We will share the final animations as we bust them out.



Game Dev 101: Hit Stop in  Combat!

As we delve deeper into combat we are making adjustments to our hit stop effects.

Hit stop is the moment of impact when two or more objects come in contact with each other during combat. When they come into contact the objects that are affected slow down to emphasize the impact. This can happen when an enemy or a player hits one another or an environment object gets destroyed. Adjusting hit stop is very iterative and we will be testing the look and feel as we make adjustments.

Below are a few examples of Hit Stop in games. In Devil May Cry 4 you can see that after a regular attack and air launch maneuver the enemy and player slows down slightly with every hit. Once the final hit takes place the hit stop is longer and more noticeable. Most small attacks have very subtle hit stop that adds to the impact. Larger, more powerful moves have a longer hit stop, adding more drama to the attacks and impact.


In Tekken and other fighting games as well as in action movies, hit stop is used to accentuate a final impact or special move of a fight. Check out how Van Damme’s roundhouse toe kick fumbles the dude’s glasses in slow mo all while wobbling his greasy hair piece. Amazing!



Rage art moves in Tekken 7 slow down the whole fight, while the final blow also slows things down quite a bit as well.

Environment Art: Derp Berd Situations

There will be a Derpy Berd statue outside of the mall that will have a significant importance to the story! Check out the progress of Derpy Berdy from concept to the final render below! We have been working on our final rendering style for the backgrounds and environment props and thanks to the efforts of our latest iteration, the lighting and textures will look super crispy.

Console Stuff

We are finally releasing a new version our first game Super Comboman: Smash Edition on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on August 22 world wide and will be offering promos to our backers soon.

This isn’t just a shameless plug, hell no. I brought that up because we have been getting a lot of requests regarding a console version of Chronic Blunt Punch. Although we have hinted at it and will need to run our Slacker Backer to fund a console release, I can tell you with confidence that we can make it happen and will figure out a way to do so! Going through the process has given us the experience in not only in porting, but localization and sourcing QA as well.

Estimated Game Delivery Update:

We are shooting to launch the game Q4 of 2018, we mentioned in the initial campaign that we would be releasing it earlier.

Support Bounty Battle:

There is an awesome fighting game campaign which launched on Fig a little over a week ago, called Bounty Battle that we are helping to support and we hope you can too.

Bounty Battle is a fast paced 4 player fighter that features some of dopest indie game characters in video games. In addition to a roster of 10 unique fighters, Bounty Battle pits characters from more than 20 beloved indie games including Darkest Dungeon, Awesomenauts, Guacamelee, Nuclear Throne and more making the ultimate fighting game. We will be including some of our characters in the game as well, with the hopes of adding JASB from Chronic Blunt Punch in the game for DLC.

Thanks again for all of your support, more updates to come!


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