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Journalist Trevor Green Interviews Justin Woodward about Super Comboman

The talented Trevor Green, a journalist for UAT interviewed me  for the school intranet site to talk about our up and coming action adventure platformer “SUPER COMBOMAN”. The whole article is posted below…

UAT-Online Student Creating Super Game

UAT-Online Student Creating Super Game

Story by Trevor Green

University of Advancing Technology master’s student Justin Woodward was a year out of college working as a graphic designer and ready for a change. Craving a return to video game development, he enrolled in UAT-Online’s Game Production and Management program to gain training as a supervisor. The project management and marketing knowledge he is gaining is influencing his education and his outside projects.

Woodward fused his love of fighting games and old-school beat-’em-ups with his administrative experience as co-founder of game developer Interabang Entertainment into his latest project, Super Comboman: Struggles Adventures. The genre-bending side-scroller, in development for the PC, is a labor of love for Woodward and his team.

“We’ve always liked beat-em-ups, so we decided that ‘Why not make a beat-em-up for the people who like fighting games?’” said Woodward.

The brawler stars the socially inept hero Struggles, unable to hold onto a job partly because of his obsession with comic book hero Super Comboman. The creators’ love of fighting games can be seen in the game’s combat, influenced by fighters like Marvel vs. Capcom 2 and the Tekken series with juggle combos and destructible environments – useful in opening new paths. Each level represents one of Struggles’ many jobs.

(Watch the making-of video at

Super Comboman has more than novel influences and gameplay mechanics; the developers are using project-funding website Kickstarter to recruit financers for the demo. A friend turned Woodward – looking for fiscal backing as the developers toiled for months on “sweat equity” – onto the site and he and the team created a pitch to garner support from the Kickstarter community, with the goal being $15,000 to secure economic support.

UAT-Online Student Creating Super Game

“It was a process… it’s not like something instantaneous where you just send them something and they’re like, ‘Ok.’ You have to kind of make them believe in your project first, so it took a few months to get on there.”

Donating on Kickstarter for the game’s production gives access to beta testing and feedback. He anticipates demo development to be about 4-5 months with funding, and about 7 months without. The completed game may see release on other platforms via digital distribution.

Woodward and the team wanted to distance themselves from recent downloadable games with a retro feel (like Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game) with a modern take on two-dimensional games. The developers, friends and peers living and working in San Diego, blended anime-style exaggeration, iconic Capcom and Sega characters and their goofy sense of humor into the sharp, high-resolution art.

“We wanted to make sure that we created, not a retro feel like a lot of games are doing now, but have everything look really crisp to take advantage of the technology that’s available now but still have the gameplay mechanics from the past,” Woodward stated.

Super Comboman is the second game from Interabang Entertainment. Their first title, retro-flavored Brooklyn to Babylon: Shinobi Ninja Attacks!, is available for purchase on iTunes.

 (Check out the Interabang Entertainment’s website at

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