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GDC Part 2

The GDC Floor

Getting to the GDC was crazy and very surreal we were excited, tired and real happy to show off our polished Super Comboman demo at the illustrious Gamespy booth. The first day was tremendous, a lot of standing and selling our game idea to people while taking notes, there was some crazy partying at the IGN party at the W that got a little crazy and caused for some reflection and recovery time before the next day. In the end it was fantabulous, we came and did what we needed to do a gained serious momentum along the way and had fun doing it.

Interabang Crew at GDC 2011

The team was at the IGN offices 8:30 AM Wednesday morning ready to get moving, we walked to the Moscone convention center, grabbed our badges in the main lobby and got onto the show floor. The place was already smashed with folks, people were huddled around Google’s booth, and Sony was drawing a crowd with their Next Generation Portable (NGP) and 3D televisions. While walking past the wide eyed developers and game fans, we saw the Gamespy logo glowing green towards the center of the hall. When we got there we were greeted by familiar faces from the office who showed us where we would be showing off our game we put up a sign for our kiosk and were ready to go! Evan jumped on the computer loaded Super Comboman and started playing, the music was loud and the colors were bright. People began to clutter up around the booth and stand in line to make our digital character struggles put the hurt on some baddies.

We were very confident in our game and that players would be able to pick up the controls quickly, but it was different to see the reception in person. People were entranced by the colorful graphics, the addictive combo system and the memorable music. The feeling was great and we were proud of ourselves and the other IOH teams who were on the floor. We were grateful of the opportunity to be on the floor. The people we met were interested in helping our cause, giving us suggestions and connecting with us for distribution, publishing and platform advice.

We got some media attention as well from James Polson of DIY Games and Trevor Green a journalist from UAT. Some interesting contacts were made while talking with folks who were interested in our project.

After our time had expired we cheered on our fellow developers in the in the IOH , roamed the halls, picked up a little swag the best being some deodorant from WB, perfect for all the sweaty bodies jiggling around the showroom floor. Colin and I participated in the beer crawl, an annual event where the booths hand out free beer to thirsty developer patrons for the last hour of the first day on the expo floor.

After dinner we went to the IGF awards, three people representing teams from IOH. Runt and Cryptic Sea presented the award and our video was revealed amongst cheers and chuckles. The award was presented well and the game Amnesia The Dark Descent from Frictional games was well deserved. I was able to speak with them later and they are some great developers.

IGN/Gamespy party

On the first day of the GDC, IGN/Gamespy threw a party at the W hotel right around the corner from the convention center, there were industry heads and well know faces. Producers and friends from the open house were there. We celebrated and mingled. The bar was open and the music was smashing, bartenders were giving double the dose of booze per drink and everyone was having fun. Towards the end of the evening things got out of hand and the last thing I remember was struggling to find water struggling towards the sink and riding in a taxi. The next day we all seemed to make it to the GDC in one piece I took the bus to walk off the hang-over and the rest of the team took a taxi.

Much needed deodorant for people at the GDC

The last 2 days were equally as awesome as the first. We received more feedback for our game and showed it off to more people. I went to dinner and talked shop with some great students and the career adviser Kayleigh Lewerenz from UAT and was able to connect with some friends from the industry. We walked around the hall more and explore the IGF booth as well as converse with others.

The last day was celebratory, we were spent. After demonstrating and eating dinner out with some of the other developers we went home and crashed.

We thoroughly enjoyed our time at the GDC, we busted our asses to make things happen. Team Interabang really brought the heat. I am proud of our accomplishments. We would like to thank Drew Curby, Sean Flinn, From Gamespy and Damon Marshall, Roy Bahat IGN for putting together the Indie Open House. We would also like to thank Alicia Holley and Clinton Keith for their ongoing support and our families and loved ones who support our journey as well.

Indie open house at GDC

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