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Meet Struggles Part 2: The Emancipation of Struggles

Struggles has gone through a number of changes to date before the nugget headed fanny pack wearing hero that is being developed in Super Comboman. Right now Struggles is a Samoan boy of wonder who has super human combo abilities.

We talked about some of the changes in our Meet Struggles blog part 1. As previously mentioned our hero did not have a tri-tip nugget mullet and was not as whimsical as he is now.

struggles brushing teeths

Before he was a burly mullet wearing adult that was named Struggleman. At that time he was extremely muscular, had a snorkel, a sidekick named Gingerbread man Sam a talking cookie he carried around in his fanny pack and wore a tie dyed mid drift that showed off his pudgy belly jelly.

struggles w/ Gingerbreadman Sam

His origin was caricature of a guy that a few of my friends and I encountered at a Taco Bell in 1996. The guy had a mullet a fanny pack, a football jersey and yep…a fanny pack. My friends and I started cracking up as soon as we laid eyes on the guy. He looked like a rough individual that was completely unaware how ridiculous he looked and was struggling really hard. He were almost on the floor suffering from gut busting laughs and low and behold the guy got angry, turned around and in a Joe Pesci like wise guy voice said: “You want me to beat your ass!” and “Don’t make me come over there and punch in your faces!” As he waddled over We could not stop laughing and the dude jumped up on the table pointed at us and we ran. There was no telling what this throwback of 80′s randomness was capable of and we did not want to find out.

Years past and he became an on going inside joke and we were pointing our strugglers out left and right. Even at last years trip to the Comicon we were counting fanny packs which were plenty in the land of the Strugglers. It is great that people do not have to conform to traditional fashions and believe that there is a struggles in all of us. Our character Struggles does so with pride and style, with his fast attacks and agility.

A real struggler

Struggler 2

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