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Smashing the Game Development Wall


Pretty T watching the peeps play SCMI have been meeting with some great developers over the past few years since I decided to move up to the bay. Many of the devs are in the same game boat and have a similar psychological makeup, crazy. In reality when we jump into this racket and become “indies” (I use that term loosely) many of us are following a dream which ends up becoming the biggest challenge of a lifetime. You are not only an a.) Game developer, you are also a b.) Marketing Pimp c.) Janky Attorney d.) creative director e.) Marketing Whore and this list can go past Z. Chief, Chef and Bottle Washer is the name of the game. This not only applies for one individual but for the whole team if you are lucky enough to have a few loyal people to burn their bridges of certainty to work on a game.

The last few months have been hectic with PAX, development and funding prep. Things that pop up on a regular basis. Figuring out which events to go to, when to go and when to work is tricky and a challenge in itself. Sometimes when we get into the swing of things and are blindly focused on our projects we tend to forget about the journey and what we went through. We start to gather arms in order to meet the next challenge. This is a mistake that I intend to fix, the path taken should be documented so we can be ready for the next trip or share our journey with others.

Interabang/Mugen booth!

In the next couple of months I will be writing a series of blogs that speak on my experiences with marketing, game development, production with a team and working with Publishers all through my eyes. Some will be video blogs and some will be written, whatever I feel at the moment. Lets Go!

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