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Super Comboman Promo Art

During the planning phase of our reboot for Super Comboman 1.5 and transitioning into the new year. We are getting things together for our long awaited prize package for the awesome supporters of the Super Comboman Indiegogo campaign. More announcements to come.

In the mean while we want to make sure to post the poster created created by Lead SCM artist Chris Sauquillo as well as some of the thumb nails that lead up to his masterpiece. More media to come when the shirt and poster are created for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

Session 4: Indie Hot Ass Podcast IHAP!!! The Illusion of Challenge!


The latest IHAP we talk about the illusion of challenge in video games in this area of “Gaming Entertainment” how it may or may not challenge gamers or dilute the experience and dumb down the ultimate effect of game development. We had some Jesus juice with us and it was a great time.



Indie Hot Ass Podcast Session 3: IHAP

In our 3rd session of IHAP we talk about our views on story, linear gameplay and what choices developers have when creating stories and leading people through their design. This session includes the awesome yammer from Wolfire Games David Rosen, Cryptic Sea’s Alex Austin and Evan Washington and Justin Woodward from Interabang Entertainment.

Indie Hot Ass Podcast 2: IHAP

Indie Hot Ass Podcast session 2.

In this podcast Tim, Alex and Justin talk competition in the IGF, what things are great about participating, ideas on improvement and the frustrating aspects of competing.

We also go in on competitive versus co-op games and what they mean to us indies.

Indie Open House pod cast: Indie Hot Ass Podcast!

The four founders of the teams residing in the IGN open house; Tim Keenan from Misfits Attic, Alex Austin from Cryptic Sea, David Rosen from Wolfire games and myself decided to kick off our residency in the Indie Open Houses second class in style by grabbing some drinks, jumping into a recording room and talking about games, and the state of the industry only the way Indie developers can.

David Rosen represents, Wolfire Games Overgrowth

Alex Austin’s Cryptic Sea

Tim Keenan’s, Misfits Attic

Check out our first podcast and get ready for some more interesting topics and no holds barred shenanigans in weeks to come. We would appreciate your feedback.

Super Comboman: IGN Indie Spotlight

This past week right before I traveled to Austin for GDC Online to demo our game and talk on the Gamepy: Why I went Indie panel, The Vice President of Games Content and overall editing gangsta Tal Blevins was kind enough to spend some time to talk with us and shed some light on the team and game. We were proud to be interviewed by Colin Campbell, one of the awesome IGN editors from the UK who is also head of news and features. The article was their article: Indie Game Spotlight.

We captured some new footage for the article, spoke about the dev process, our story and what we are working on now in order to move forward with production. We appreciate the support from IGN for the opportunity to show of our efforts. We look forward to sharing more and seeing other indie game spotlights!

Check out the article on Shout out to Jack Devries another IGN editor who has been madddddd helpful.

Team Profile: Geoff Cook

While working on Super Comboman we have had some challenges that we were able to combo out of our way with a little bit of elbow grease and ingenuity. As an independent developer there are some challenges that we square off with outside the realm of technical and design based issues. One of those challenges we had to face during our initial fund raising campaign is talking to investors about our business goals and strategizing our plan to market. Some of the on going questions that we are asked during discussion are; how is the market changing, how will we reach our audience and what features are going to make audiences happy, helping to increase sales and exposure. Now we love making games and talking about them, we are centered around entertaining people, but strengthening our business acumen is necessary, especially during the initial stages of a growing business.

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Indiegogo Thank You’s

At the end of August we finished up our Indiegogo campaign where we were working on raising funds for our up and coming indie title Super Comboman.

We recently traveled back to our homes in San Diego and Arizona for a short break after 6 months of continuously grinding on our game for long hours (the life and times of indie development fo-sho). We want to thank everyone who was involved in helping us out, by supporting the team through moral and contributory efforts. Although we didn’t quite make our benchmark of 8k, we were a third of the way there and your support gives us some momentum to keep moving things forward.

Super Combo Stickers

We have the sticker packs ready to mail out and should have the demo ready by the end of September for feedback, so everyone can have a ball, busting combos.

We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts in a list from the first to donate to the people who helped us during the final moments of the campaign. We had 69 people help us out and we want to make sure everyone is accounted for.

List after the break

Takao playing Super Comboman

Interabang recently met up with the cheery, Japanese recording artist Takao in Los Angeles near Universal Studios. It

Pelvic Thrust Dopeness

was a blast meeting with him and his manager and partner Lane Davis, Takao who has been traveling internationally, performing his new song, Give Me Tonight…no not the George Benson song (check out the video it is seriously hilarious, he has the most ridankulous hip thrusts!) was in high spirits and energetic during lunch and insisted that we busted out our game.

We showed him the latest build of Super Comboman, we gave him the low-down and crusty on the controls and he just hopped in, got busy and had an awesome time busting combos with the adventurous Struggles!

We will be hooking up with he and his camp soon for more demos and to keep up with him as he explodes on the scene with a Japanese gangsta lean.

Team Profile: The Amazing Bo Lu

We have had the opportunity to work with some amazing and talented people since we started. We thought it would be awesome to share their profiles with everyone so people can get to know the team.

Bo Style

Bo Fo Sho!

Bo Fo Sho!

We recently were blessed to work with a hot young artist by the name of Bo Lu, who decided to contact us in order to help out with the art for Super Comboman this summer as an intern with the goal of gaining experience in game development and contribute to the movement. He has been very inspirational to the team through with his positive uplifting attitude and desire to rise to the occasion and face new challenges.

Looking Up

We asked Bo to tell us a few words about what inspires and motivates him to move forward as an artist and an individual.