Interabang Entertainment

We cook up entertaining games that feed the hunger for original gameplay. Our humorous concoctions are appetizing challenges that satisfy starving eyebuds, the desire for fantastic art and scrumptious animations. We are compelled to get players hands on our games fresh off the smorgasbord. We contribute by offering distinguished flavors that challenge audiences and build our development chefs to become the part of the changing industry.

Interabang Entertainment is an independent team of developers that have bootstrapped our studio using our years of experience in game art and development.

Company Values

As Interabang Entertainment continues to grow now and in the future, it's important that we uphold our core values so that we maintain a healthy, productive team without ever compromising our integrity. These are our four core values:

1. The ?! Factor: We strive to create innovative, ground-breaking experiences that will make players go "?!" and leave a lasting impression they won't forget.

2. Excellent Exellentness: We bake hot cross buns that deliver fun and visceral thrills with depth like a donut hole for continual glazed enjoyment.

3. Community: We want to know what people are saying about our games and what we need to improve upon to make them taste like they have extra gravy dripping from the sides.

4. Personal Growth: We will continue to support the individual growth of our team.

What is an Interabang?!

What is an Interabang? An interabang is the feeling of biting into fresh baked, homemade cookies and not quite knowing exactly what is making them so stunningly good. There's no better way to express it than with this: "?!"

Interabang Entertainment creates games that give you that same feeling of "?!"

We make games that taste like fresh baked cookies, not cookie cutter games.

Interabang Entertainment Are Proud Members Of:

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