Interabang Games
Super Comboman
The current game that is cooking in the Interabang oven is SUPER COMBOMAN! Which is an over the top action adventure game influenced from our love of combos, fast paced action and destructible environments. Check out the Super Comboman website for more details!
Super Comboman Prelim Screens
Shinobi Ninja Attacks
Shinobi Ninja, the hottest Band in Brooklyn has a major problem...THEY ARE LATE TO THEIR OWN SHOW AT CLUB BABYLON! Help Baby Girl, Terminator Dave, DA, and Maniac Mike get to their show on time by battling your way through, hordes of bums, waves of preppies and the BOSS of all bosses before time runs out! Interabang Entertainment, and Shinobi Ninja collaborated to create an awesome experience.
Shinobi Ninja Attacks Screens
Shinobi Ninja Attacks Wallpapers